Why not combine a party with pizza? Party + Pizza is the perfect match to have fun with all your friends and family! 
I’ll be happy to make your event special, by bringing my best pizzas cooked with a wood-fired oven, from an authentic vintage van! 
We can discuss the menu together, giving you a choice of options from which you can personalise your pizzas based on your preferences and dietary requirements.
Feel free to contact me for more information and get in touch to book your Wedding / Party / Private event.
I’m MAURIZIO, an Italian guy grown in my business family’s restaurant, where I fell in love with pizza thanks to my father.
One day, I decided to leave my Country to go and explore Down Under. So I landed in Melbourne (Australia), where I started to do the only thing that I was able to do well without the knowledge of a single word in English: MAKING PIZZAS…
Since then, traveling between Australia and Europe became part of my life. During my travels I met countless pizza makers, to whom I stole their knowledge and secrets.
In 2019 I moved to Brighton & Hove, where I settled down wonderfully and I now run my own business on the road of Sussex with my vintage van.

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